its just how i felt about last nights session, just over a hundred hands worth.

and i thought you’d all missed the “really” boring stuff, nae luck huh ? I did not play at all on Monday and last night was heading the same way, should have left it that way, but no, I just had to sit down for a wee while because it was too “early” to go to bed, sigh.

just one of those sessions. I see the flop with a hi hand, the flop is all low. I see the flop with a low hand, the flop is all high. Any attempted bluff is raised and re-raised. Any showdown I got to I found myself up against nut lows and nut highs, not forgetting reaching showdown and getting quartered. Lucky for me it was a short session.

The one and only time I got clean away with the money …. I got a walk in my bb

lmfao, you really shouldn’t try this shit at home ….

dealt A256 on a 467 flop …. villain has A2 , of clubs, fills his flush on the river …. doh !

dealt A23T …. board 88756 …. villain has A2 …. oh and an 8 …. doh !

dealt A26Q …. board 4565J …. villain has a J …. for a split pot ffs

dealt A234 …. board 8J5T2 …. villain has 4AA9 …. river saves my ass

dealt A9TK …. board QJ732 …. I flush the river …. villain has A4

it was that kind of night and it cost me a buck, sigh