“Call me, on the line, Call me, call me any anytime”

so damned annoying, they call, you miss, sigh. final orbit and i’m looking at a +10 session, stars rng + villain have other ideas.

Omaha Hi/Lo Pot Limit ($0.10/$0.25 USD)

*** HOLE CARDS *** [Ad 4s 5d 3s]

*** RIVER *** [7d 9d 2s 6s] [Kh]

ResdentEvil: shows [Ad 4s 5d 3s] (HI: high card Ace; LO: 7,6,3,2,A)
microtastic: shows [3c Kc 2d As] (HI: two pair, Kings and Deuces; LO: 7,6,3,2,A)
microtastic collected $25.80 from pot
ResdentEvil collected $12.90 from pot
microtastic collected $12.85 from pot

hmmm not many outs, has he ? ah well, as long as he thinks it was a good call, since all the money went in on the turn.

i had to go after that or i would really have tilted …. 😦


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