Compound Interest

ran so bad over the last weekend, compounded by playing fucking woeful poker, not nice at all. think i’ve managed to stop the rot. just a general tightening up pre and not calling raises with, err, rash hands. never paid much attention to stars stats, but here are tonights, for future reference, making +$3 at the two micro levels.  

During current Omaha H/L session you were dealt 272 hands and saw flop:

– 29 out of 37 times while in big blind (78%)

– 18 out of 35 times while in small blind (51%)

– 36 out of 200 times in other positions (18%)

– a total of 83 out of 272 (30%)

Pots won at showdown – 22 of 31 (70%)

Pots won without showdown – 20

dont feel i ran hot, so may be interesting to compare future stats when i “feel” i’ve ran hot.


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