I’m just a teenage dirt bag, baby

at a new level, YOU are the fish ….

until you adjust your game …. and until they adjust their game …. YOU (ie moi) are the fish

of course, the other hard part is figuring out who the decent players are, since there are very few that i have met at 10c/25c who played the micro stakes. so having moved to the heady heights of 10c/25c pl08b i got my a$$ kicked …. settling in now, as WE all adjust our game …. 3 buy-ins went when not once, but twice i ran into nut flopped boats, the third went when my flopped boat got chased to the river where it got blown out the water by yet another nut boat, fml and welcome ! fish, to a brand new level. the other 3 buy-ins i just jizzed off, probably 😦 ever so slightly on-tilt, ugh.

two nights ago, i pulled back $50 and almost break-even last night.

btw on a T T T flop would you blast your whole stack in from early position ? one guy did, i had the other fcuking ten 🙂 he had KK …. huh ? mayhaps you hoddem donks think this is a good “move” but i play omaha ! honestly wtf ?

ok its time to swim. lets see if i can continue to get rid of the tuna jacket !


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