champagne supernova

there are at least half a dozen “supernova” regulars who play at 10c/25c …. wtf ? 

blagged a profit last night when i stacked an unknown by jamming on the flop with outs …. did not expect the call, but hey, i actually hit ! i also managed to stack a supernova 🙂

he flat called my pre-flop raise, and my small bets on the flop and turn. with a good low and the nut flush on the river, i jammed …. he tanks …. and calls with no low but the 2nd nut flush, nae luck.

a couple of things i’ve noticed ….

if i jam on the river …. they fold quickly or tank (make me sweat) then fold.

if i jam on the river …. they call …. with the nutz, either high or low.

the other thing, i’m finding this level tough. my graph must look similar to a hookers knicker graph, charting the ups and downs of said knickers ! so i am slowly and $-painfully learning to fold to river-jams unless i have a big big hand. this may allow people to push me out a pot on the river but the number of times i have called on the river with a nut low and got quartered because i have shit-for-high, is verging on the redic !

i assume the regs have noted this and are acting accordingly …. then again, maybe they just have monsters on the river.

btw i update the bankroll manager on a daily basis, if you’re halfway interested 🙂

pleasant dreams.


come watson, the game is afoot

when i logged off last night, i took a note of my stars balance as $798 ….

i logged on tonight, stars balance $795 …. wtf ?

perhaps i misread the 8 for a 5 …. perhaps not

i WILL be keeping an eye on this.

( my stars balance dropped to mid 700’s …. although i was running bad and playing spectacular donkery …. i was almost positive it had not dropped that low, hmmmm …. )

another brick in the wall

[ edit – 200 hands, +$5 – well its a lot fucking better than the rest of the week ffs, dont knock it ! ]

i am getting my fucking ass kicked.

not sure exactly what the problem is, but stars is beating me fucking senseless, bankroll busting senseless !

and i am playing like a fucking donkey as well, doesn’t help.

eg re-raised …. wtf’s his name, sigh, supernova anyway, his initial raise all-in, he tanks …. ah well, some respect i suppose

i had AA69 ds …. what the fuck was i thinking, obv i wasn’t, i “knew” he had AA at least ….

he calls with AA5T ss …. the flop came down 23x none of my suits and i am dead in the fucking water (pretty much dead pre-flop you fucking nitt) …. the case 4 on the river really rubs it in, fuck me, what a donk, ugh.

wasn’t going to play tonight, but i’ll give it a go for an hour, after that i might be the knob begging at tourney’s “give 50c pls ….” , grrrr

pleasant dreams