another brick in the wall

[ edit – 200 hands, +$5 – well its a lot fucking better than the rest of the week ffs, dont knock it ! ]

i am getting my fucking ass kicked.

not sure exactly what the problem is, but stars is beating me fucking senseless, bankroll busting senseless !

and i am playing like a fucking donkey as well, doesn’t help.

eg re-raised …. wtf’s his name, sigh, supernova anyway, his initial raise all-in, he tanks …. ah well, some respect i suppose

i had AA69 ds …. what the fuck was i thinking, obv i wasn’t, i “knew” he had AA at least ….

he calls with AA5T ss …. the flop came down 23x none of my suits and i am dead in the fucking water (pretty much dead pre-flop you fucking nitt) …. the case 4 on the river really rubs it in, fuck me, what a donk, ugh.

wasn’t going to play tonight, but i’ll give it a go for an hour, after that i might be the knob begging at tourney’s “give 50c pls ….” , grrrr

pleasant dreams


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