champagne supernova

there are at least half a dozen “supernova” regulars who play at 10c/25c …. wtf ? 

blagged a profit last night when i stacked an unknown by jamming on the flop with outs …. did not expect the call, but hey, i actually hit ! i also managed to stack a supernova 🙂

he flat called my pre-flop raise, and my small bets on the flop and turn. with a good low and the nut flush on the river, i jammed …. he tanks …. and calls with no low but the 2nd nut flush, nae luck.

a couple of things i’ve noticed ….

if i jam on the river …. they fold quickly or tank (make me sweat) then fold.

if i jam on the river …. they call …. with the nutz, either high or low.

the other thing, i’m finding this level tough. my graph must look similar to a hookers knicker graph, charting the ups and downs of said knickers ! so i am slowly and $-painfully learning to fold to river-jams unless i have a big big hand. this may allow people to push me out a pot on the river but the number of times i have called on the river with a nut low and got quartered because i have shit-for-high, is verging on the redic !

i assume the regs have noted this and are acting accordingly …. then again, maybe they just have monsters on the river.

btw i update the bankroll manager on a daily basis, if you’re halfway interested 🙂

pleasant dreams.


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  1. Hey, I love seeing up to date with what others have to think about poker and all sorts of the new stuff thats around.I’ll be popping by in some days to check what else you have to say.

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