a traitor in our midst

wish i’d started this record earlier.

getting my ass kicked at the 10/25 at the mo’ so put my jesus challenge on hold for a week or 4 …. been playing hoddem of the 10c/360 player variety. its quite refreshingly funny. some of the all-in’s, the calls …. just plain bonkers !

the temptation is, of course, to just donk along with the rest of ’em, but i have been trying to play, honest. its relatively simple to go deep. and to get to the money, you just need a few big hands to get paid with. as ever, getting to the final table is a tad more difficult. playing them in sets of 8, got to, or i do i end up so bored …. the devil does find work for  idle mouse fingers ….

best so far is a 9th and last session a 5th no less …. annoying, the 5th place …. the monster stack was running hot and so when i pick up JJ its time to go for a double up …. straight into AA, fml

wish me more “luck” tonight and pleasant dreams 🙂


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