shooting party. dial-a-shot

i have $50 on Party but its unlikely to go anywhere pl08b wise. every time i log-on there are like 2 tables running. not enough to keep me interested and certainly not enough to buffer variance 😦

then i remember i used to play steps …. like over a year ago …. surely not ?

but yes 🙂

step 2 – 2 freerolls available

step 3 – 4 freerolls available

step 4 – 1 freeroll available

since step 1 is a $3 buy-in i might give these a shot. hopefully the standard of play has not increase significantly …. else my goose might be burnt !

so step 1 – top 4 win , step 2 $10 – top 7 win , step 3 $30  – top 7 win , step 4 $70 – top 7 win …. if i remember correctly, the hardest part is getting off the ground in the first step. and the only reason i have not won anything (apart from not being good enough !) is getting to the higher steps and quite simply giving my chips away aka getting it in behind, sigh 😦

something to shoot at, eh ?


2 Responses

  1. I used to play on party poker and I like it.

  2. Nice blog. I linked you!

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