rubbish@fpp’s , not

its been a while, so i thought i’d better update. any sooner than this and it’d be a morbid read, well it would be for me upon reading this back.

basically been slowly decimating my ‘roll on ‘stars. its been a tough few months. from a pre-christmas high of $800 to a very recent ball busting $500.

to complicate matters I played in a big game, a $100+$9 on ‘stars and managed a very creditable 5th for $851 🙂 the problem this brings is trying to transfer the winnings back to the girl running the syndicate. there are 10 of us who pay each week and once a week one member plays a big-buy-in game of their choice.

i did try and transfer the whole lotback to her, but ‘stars have me on a transfer limit ffs. so much per day or so much per 7 days up to a max of $500 per 30 days, fml. ah the joys of being a microstaker who scores a big one lol.

so working out exactly what my ‘stars balance has been is simple arithmetic, but a pain in the arse none the less. top that off with the fact I know i’m playing badly and the lurgy sets in and i really could not be bothered working out exactly what was mine less the $$ owed backto the syndicate.

Last night, enough was enough. I had my mojo back and wanted to beat the game at my “new” level. yes, the heady heights of 10c/25c.

previously, i’d been dropping a buy-in or two each time i’d played and i’m fairly sure my play was getting worse with each session. so much so that i actually gave up playing for fear of losing and actually wondering if i’d go on mega-tilt and blow the fucking lot.

so, my last session …. I won …. handsomely 🙂

thought i played fairly well. obv surprise a few regs when they ran into a lot of very nice hands. calling river bets and thinking “ah ha, its the fish who’ll stack off with a set or a low of 7-high” . sorry not tonight folks. and it worked a treat.

locked the session down with +$107 and a staggering 400 fpp’s (staggering for me, since the most i’d earned previously was around a hundred)

so long story short. I can deffo make money here. assuming i dont give it away for free. dont gamble and get it all in pre-flop unless its a monster hand against one of the regular short-stackers. you’d be surprised how many people buy-in for $5 and their only play is to jam pre. anyways, even a monster hand is only 60-40 favourite against any 4, not good odds imho, and thats assuming you can isolate them. dread to think of the odds if you run into 3 or 4 callers.

when i started on the 10c/25c i started a new database, not particularly pretty at the moment, but one hell of a lot worse before last night. so currently ….

pl 25c/50c …. -$26

nl 25c/50c …. +$41

pl 10c/25c …. +$66

nl 10c/25c …. -$141

so basically, after last nights session I’m still $55 in the red at my “new” level. still, a nice wee step in the right direction.

pleasant dreams.