after another (losing) month, it was getting to me and I really had to find out why I was so bad at 10/25c when I had been so good at 1/2c.

2 reasons, I believe.

one, I simply took my eye off the ball and rather than “chasing” profit, I was chasing fpp’s to attain silver star (no probs) and onwards towards gold star. I could easily have attained gold star this month …. whether I would have had any bankroll left is a completely different matter, though I suspect I’d have been close to busto, if I’d continued the “wrong” chase.

two, my style of play just wasn’t cutting it at the next level. I think I was playing TAG, others views will, of course, differ. from the beginning of the year up to now, playing 10/25c exclusively, my stats came as something of a shock. my averages were as follows (ugghhhh)

running VP$IP 17 and PFR% 3

certainly tight, no aggression and not much good !!

so what on earth could I do but change my style. an absolute prerequisite if I wanted to progress levels and not remain in microland. don’t get me wrong, the smallest stakes are fine and very comfortable, but it takes a long time to get anywhere, dollar wise.

also back on the bankroll management train as well. if you subscribe to 20 buy-ins, then its $500 for a 10/25c table , bring in the 5% rule and that’s 500 per table assuming you want to multi-table. yeesh, this is an expensive game ! hell, you need $100 per 1/2c table lol.

ok, so BM in place, drop back to 1/2c multi-tabling with only ONE 10/25c open …. i want to keep my hand in and I don’t want the regulars to think I’m gone. honest, there is a method in my madness !

played 3 sessions of the above, here’s how it went

    1c/2c                                                                         10c/25c
VP$IP 26 PFR% 15    -18bb (1436 h/p)        VP$IP 37 PFR% 24    +61bb (111 h/p)
VP$IP 31 PFR% 22    +17bb (630 h/p)         VP$IP 51 PFR% 38    +68bb (68 h/p)
VP$IP 35 PFR% 22    +147bb (500 h/p)       VP$IP 38 PFR% 30    +64bb (63 h/p)

a small sample, sure. a good start, sure. can i maintain it …. sure ????

pleasant dreams