sobriety test

made the (difficult :)) conscious decision to play some cold turkey poker last night. a very short session but good all the same.

managed 128 hands in 44mins (free time is at a premium due to an impending house move)

at 1c/2c I ran    VP$IP 22    PFR% 8    +42bb (128 h/p)

quite pleased with that and rather pleased with the way I played. laid down two big hands to one probable monster and one real monster which the villain proudly showed. there would have been another 12bb profit but when I rivered the nut flush but the board had paired on the turn, I check, villain bet out 12bb .. I “knew” he’d hit but it was cheap enough to look him up …. he had hit trips on the turn and with me rivering the nut flush he caught a very surprising boat with his trash hand. (AJ85 rainbow is soooo fucking trashy !)

no doubt he thinks I’m an uber-fish for calling 😉

oh bugger, no variation tuesday at PPP 😦 but instead, a very nice $100 added freeroll 🙂 courtesy of Crumble (who is now linked-up)

I’ll be there, halfway to pissed …. in hotel in Aberdeen for a few nights this week …. if you were here, you’d have an ale too ….

pleasant dreams


played the forum game. got my AA busted by AQs in the worst fashion …. flushed into oblivion, grrrr . down to fuck all i hung about and pushed 33 into KQ …. all good, then there was a K on the river, grrrr

ah well, thats nlhe for you, nh gg gl (normally “gl” is replaced by another acronym but its a forum game and its nice to be nice 8) )


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