more sobriety

another super short session, for a whopping 102bb profit 🙂 lol

maybe I should make a habit of it …. stats as follows

1c/2c    VP$IP 27    PFR% 6    +102bb (81 h/p)

I know, the volume is outstanding, lol

hands of 1 note –

got 2 villains all-in on the turn for 250bb pot, sick river, meh

*** RIVER *** [6d 5d 4h Ah] [8s]

me : shows [3h 2d Ac Js] (HI: a straight, Deuce to Six; LO: 5,4,3,2,A)

villain 1  mucked [Ad 6c Jd 5s]

villain 2 showed [7s 9d Qd 3s] and won ($2.23) with HI: a straight, Five to Nine; LO: 7,5,4,3,A

well there you go, only a single hand of note lol.

pleasant dreams


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