better than the WSOP, imho

thanks for the support SJ 🙂

for info, the 14 events are – nlhe, plo, HORSE, nlhe HU, 2-7 triple draw, limit HE, 8-game, nlhe 6-max, stud 8, nlhe KO, razz, mixed HE, pl08b, nlhe Main Event

after 6 events, officially I’m in 9th …. 🙂 …. from 48 runners

interestingly, there is some side action going on. $10 entry to the “unofficial” player of the series, winner takes all, i believe.

unofficially I’m in 4th …. wheeee …. more importantly, only 12pts off the lead. the leader has been running super-hot, interesting to see if he can run so well during the second week !

me ? I’ll just keep quietly cantering along in the background.



my forum buddy “plaza player” (links on the right) suffers from a seriously bad back. he plays more than i do, oh and he posts way more than i do, shame on me !

started updating the bankroll totals again. i stopped because it was getting depressing. long story short. after grinding my stars roll up to almost $800 pre-christmas, i went on life (ugly) tilt and basically through to june, I was wanking chips off for free. the lowest it got, i think, was $340 the first week of june. since then i’ve “stopped” being a wanker and started trying to play “properly” again, reaching the grand total of mid $600’s this week.

breaching the next level, 10c/25c will be done in a more orderly fashion. i’ll mix one table in until i show some results there. might be more difficult than i imagine, since most of these tarbs are nl – and there are quite a few who are willing to chuck it all in pre-flop, making it a hell of a lot more swingy than the lower stakes – more than 2 lost $25 buy-ins on my roll and it starts to bite.

those fine folks at PokerPlayersPlace have organised their own wsop !

14 games over 14 nights, kudos !! gonna play as many as i can, even the nlhe events, lol. prolly not a +EV move, but still fun, well mostly fun 🙂

pleasant dreams