the rant

i should post more often. its not that i dont have much to say, i do. i’m just such a lazy fucker when it comes to blogging, ugh.

last night i played on one of the “ongame” skins. usual situation. I have very few $$ on there so its microstakes i’m afraid. even worse, there is not enough pl08b traffic to keep me “amused” so its the dreaded nlhe, pfffft.

because of their crap handhistory system ie i have no fucking clue how to retrieve them ! i cant give any details even if i wanted to. i cant even tell you how many games i played. all i can tell you is that i made $6 profit. pleased with that considering all games were $1 stt’s, maybe two sets of 6 , or was it three sets ? not sure, sigh

the reason for sets of 6 btw, my laptop starts struggling, video display wise, to keep up with 6 tables open without introducing serious lag into the gameplay. and you have no idea how frustrating that is, sigh.

then i moved to stars, pfffft, to play the forum game. i managed a set of 4 before the game and ran well, cashing 4 for 4. the forum game started (correct, i got fucking nowhere) and i managed 2 sets of 4 whilst that lasted. think i cashed 4 of 8 or thereabouts.

i was $4 or so up including the forum buy-in …. so after the game i decided to finish off with a set of 8 …. correct, i should not have fucking bothered. cashed 2 of 8 ?? …. finishing the night (minus) -$3 ffs. obv the dollar value is insignificant, but still fucking annoying, i can tell you.

ok, i’d listed all my exit hands, only to discover my net connection had fallen on its arse and the draft was not saved.

fuuuuck you t-mobile and your piss poor mobile broadband …. and double fuck you with your light-user fair use policy, you motherfucking thieving bastards ….

and on that high note, roll on tonight 🙂