who me ? grinding ?

tough month ahead. need 700vpp’s to blag a $50 bonus. I’ll give it a shot but its a tough one, considering i waste most of my time at 1c/2c !

another reason i take my eye off the ball, so to speak, is the forum games this month, which feature an unusually rich content of non-nlhe games …. destroys my grinding ability for that evening, but i enjoy playing them.

thought I’d managed a monster session last night but was somewhat disappointed that i “only” managed 966 hands …. not actually that bad considering i played a forum game before settling down at the cash tables …. added $11 to the bank, which is almost twice as much as my nearest rival for the session, according to the stats. more importantly, i added 30vpp’s to my total. every little helps !

worst hand ….

my A23T  v  A235 …. split low, he binked a straight for high, pfffft

best hand ….

my A22J  v  A368 (??) …. I bink quads, but only a shortstack follows, pfffft

the board ran out 2J927 .. and he bets into me on every street ?? go figure.

tonight’s game is a $1 credit crunch … and yes, I’ll be there, destroying my vpp quest 😦 and I bet you lot don’t even appreciate my selfless sacrifice ! lmfao


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