yes you. grinding.

finally managed a monster session the other night. a very credible 1900 hands .. no mean feat when playing pl08b and not having the ability to 42 table ! the whole point is, of course, the quest for vpp’s to bag the yearly $50 bonus. I have played these sessions before and although accumulating vpp’s I’ve dropped some $$ in the process. This time everything went in my favour, including adding $16 to the bankroll. Most importantly, I added 110 vpp’s which brings the bonus one step closer.

as I’ve said before, playing forum games destroys the quest for vpp’s. I am nowhere near good enough to mix up games while multitabling, add in being on the forum radio and I’m afraid its one game only for me ! Last night was 8-game (love it) and I was co-commentating, generally a recipe for disaster !

Actually did very well, making the final table and grabbing 3rd for a wee profit. The heads-up between Zat and Thierry was awesome, lasting something close to an hour. In the end, we were on the air for almost 5hrs !!

I did manage a few hundred hands of Omaha pre forum game, so last night was good for $13 and 20vpp’s. you know, I might just bag the yearly bonus after all.


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