who me ? a donkey ?

running through last nights session in my head during the day today, I thought I’d played like a right donkey. Giving it away for free sprang to mind, sigh. obv I’m at work and so had no access to hand history.

its been bugging me so i had to check …. did I give it away for free ?

worst hand …. it all goes in the middle when I flop a set, she has top two and a straight redraw …. she rivers the straight redraw, sigh …. $6 in the red on that one, bollox.

best hand …. I flop the nut low and nut flush redraw .. all the money goes in .. eek, a $52 pot … we both turn the nut low but I river the nut flush …. serves him right, with his fucking AA, lol

lets see. I was +$7 at 5c/10c …. +$5 at 25c/50c (lol) …. breakeven at 1c/2c (sigh) …. -$5 at 10c/25c ….

err, wtf ?? thats +$7 …. which my bankroll agrees with …. so where the fuck is my $50 bonus ????

arrrrgggghhhh ! what a fucking donkey I am, lmfao …. you have to purchase the bonus for 1fpp before its added to you balance, hee-haw hee-haw !!

so, basically I gave myself a hard time today because I thought I’d lost a boat load last night, when I was, in fact, in profit all along. what a cock ! what a fucking cock !

no wonder I could not for the life of me remember that monster losing hand …. omfg, sometimes I am such a fucking retard …. in fact, I dont think I’ll play poker anymore, sigh, now where are my crayons ….


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