yup, donkey

sometimes I wonder how I make any money at all at poker. do you ever finish a session and think .. yeesh, what a donkey ?

I do. Last night was the perfect point in case .. knew I played some really bad stuff, but eaked out a tiny profit, wtf ? seriously, wtf ?

at the various levels I was -1 , -9 (wtf??) , +13 , +1 …. that minus 9 is a ballbreaker, ugh.

holding A34Q (double sooted) I called a pre-flop raise … then I led out on the flop and river …. folding to a river shove …. board 34T8A …. river villain had the 2 and 5 , sigh .. taking the high and low from the other sucker who called the river shove with .. A34K ….

the only other hand of note was my decision to get frisky pre .. ended up all-in, sigh and wtf ?? with A78A, my only excuse was it was double sooted aces, but still …

lucky for me the villain?? “only” held A9T7 , he was obv more tilted than I was ! the board ran out 2K5TK .. two pairs good for me, and that’s the main (only) reason I made a small profit, ugh

if I’d lost that little flip, that -9 would have been -25  !! sometimes, I really do wonder ….


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