gotta up the ante

lack of posting on here is getting a bit redic.

still grinding the micro’s, although last months volume left a lot to be desired. to many forum games, not enough cash. so i drop back to beginners on stars (bronze) lol

gonna have another crack at the 10/25c level, lets hope it goes better than last time ! the only way it could be worse, actually, is if i go completely busto. wont happen though 🙂 basically taking anything over my $500 ‘roll as my mini-roll to play higher. so I’ll still mainly play the micro’s ….

speaking of the forum. last month I averaged about the same points per game as the winner of POTM (player of the month) .. food for thought, huh. bet Thierry is quaking in his boots, not !  he averaged 3pts per game while I averaged 2.7pts …

I did offer, live on air, to play every game one month …. if someone staked me …. no takers lmfao !

so started my “assault” on the 10/25c last night with 24 hands wtf ???? but managed to walk away with 15bb profit …. way to go 🙂

oh, playing iron man for 10 wks (forum, not FT) .. first game was limit hold-em (ugh) but I managed 5 from 37 and a min cash to boot, better than expected. would really really like to do well in this as I’m always “boasting” that I do not like hold-em …. doubly difficult, since half the fishays don’t seem to have a clue when it comes to variations …. I’m probably included in that half too !

ok 8-game tonight incl live commentary …. cmon theEvil


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