The American Dream …. fucking Assholes

welcome back.
well that one certainly woke me from my apathy.
lets ignore the fact that the Federal Reserve has given 100’s of BILLIONS of dollars to Wall Street on what some might say, are completely phony bail out claims …. lets go after those poker playing scum who are threatening, nay destroying, the American dream. complete and utter poppycock. like the FBI have nothing better to do, sigh.
soooo …. the Wall Street fiasco has cost Americans hundreds of billions …. online poker generates one billion dollars …. wtf? seriously wtf ??
and that’s the one, greatest problem with America …. its all about the money, anyone who thinks differently is two short of a six pack.
DrizzTJD has a few words of wisdom ….
as does my favourite loon …. 🙂
and obv the good doctor has some good witterings …. and some excellent links, i might add.
I actually first noticed this insanity last night …. when i stopped by my good buddy’s blog. forgive me, but i felt fucking awful over the weekend and actually (rather sensibly) stayed the fuck away from all things poker …. in the end I did not play a single hand last night because I had major major pain with a rather annoying molar …. dentist tomorrow …. no surprise if I emerge from that one less one certain lower right molar, ffs so there you have it.
is it good or bad …. certainly bad from my point of view as half the traffic on my tarbs were populated by Americans, ho hum but as usual, its the little guys who get Royally Fucked. and what of the poor buggers who are actually online pro’s ??
guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out, but I seriously hope it blows the fuck up in the face of the assholes who paid to kill online poker in the good ole USofA