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and the good news is …. I finally got off my lazy arse (re mouse) and re-installed pokertracker, I even emailed them for a new registartion code, so you might be treated to a hand or twoo in the near(ish) future, lol. Also installed tableNinja … you hear loads about these things but until you try them …. I’ll let u know …. learning to mad-multi-table, thought TN might be useful 🙂
So until then, you’ll have to wait, as I have no idea if I’m up/down/crushing/or giving it away for free, doh !


and you call this a poker blog ??

just redic, not a thing since April ??

apologies to the one or two peeps who still check, I’ll get back on the case.
fyi, stars balance generally going in the right direction, hover just over the 1k mark, and I’m learning to mass multi-table …. there is no “mass multitabling for dummies” so its learn whilst driving .. lets hope I dont crash and burn.