but I ticked that box ….

well I finally re-installed windows (again) this time using the correct disc, ho-hum. then I had to re-instal …. yada yada yada 😦 but you get my drift (windows currently installing update 31 of 98 fer crying out loud !). So I now have table-Ninja and pokerTracker 3 both running under trial. TN is standard 30-days but the good folks at PT give you 60-days, result !
So obv I had to re-install the pokerStars client …. so I fired up PT3 with a view to posting some hands …. thats when I discovered my player name was not recorded in PT3, wtf ??
yup, I’d told stars where to store my hand history, but did NOT tick the box telling stars to actually save the fucking things, beedy beedy beedy, doh ! doh !
so no HH’s at the mo, quite annoying but hey-ho.

now wee acorn asked about TN .. if I understand his question .. if its your turn to act then stars will auto start the timebank, yes ? now TN will let this run down to but will hit the “i’m back” button as soon as it appears, assuming you have ticked the right box on the “annoyances” tab .. I have and I had a coooont of a time trying to sit out a tourney, without bustin my timebank, while I went for a slash !!

oh, speaking of updates, TN has just auto-updated .. and reset all settings to their default, wtf ? seriously, wtf ? so you might want to save your current settings to file …. doh !!


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