the enemy

I think if 99% of players looked in the mirror, they’d see their worst enemy, their nemesis, if you like. Just a thought and probably true in my case and I’m a ( very very marginal ) winning player !
If I have a quick trawl through PT, by session, not by hand, lol, you might get a better idea.
Of course, my biggest problem .. social player, likes to play with a beer in hand …. back to looking in the mirror !!

Two nights ago 800 hands –
first 200 hands = +75 bb’s ….
hands 200 thru 500 = breakeven ….
hands 500 thru 800 = oops, I dropped the fucking ball = -80 bb’s

(sometimes even I’m glad I only play microstakes)

Three nights ago, 400 hands –
first 130 hands = -70 bb’s ..
hands 130 thru 400 = +70 bb

You might think thats to small a sample, err no. I’ve the PT3 data to back it up, meh.
Basically, the longer the session, the more likely I am to fumble the ball. Stands to reason if you have a beer or two whilst you play …. yeah, I know what the answer is ….

but I own a mirror, remember ?


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