stuck to my guns over the last few nights, trying to get into some sort of rythm playing turbo stt’s. last nights sets consisted of 6 games then 7 games then 6 games, astonishing volume lol
just as well i ran good in the $3.50’s or it would have been a disappointing night. basically a raft of bubbles with only a second and a third from thirteen $1.50 games but a decent four cashes from just six games at the $3.50’s 🙂
even a small cash is better than nothing !
tonight its a beer, a few cash hands, then its forum 8-game and radio commentary .. some peeps might argue its radio drivel but its all good clean fun, well before the 9pm watershed it is 😉
over the weekend I’ll knock the beer on the head and then try and play without any at all .. more difficult than it sounds as I’ve got into the very bad habit of turning poker into a social evening in, meh
so enjoy the beer driven drivel if you tune in and those that are playing will, no doubt, enjoy the beer driven free chip giveaway !!


a quest of troubles

as I suspected, said quest was trouble. so much so that i’d actually go so far as to say it was a load of bollox !
entirely of my own doing. way to much beer .. volume sucked !!
which has pretty much been the case up to and including now, lol.
the past week has not been too bad. I’ve been trying out the stt’s (turbos) with limited/reasonable success .. the limited part particularly applies to a degen beer session whilst playing $1.50’s …. $3.50’s …. $7’s …. $15’s (ffs) …. it was mostly a lot of fun and tbh, I wasn’t really giving a flying fuck about the state of my bankroll come the morning …. that should prolly read “later” that morning, lol.
at least I stayed away from the $30’s ….

so over the past few days I’ve been trying to get into a routine of playing sets of the fucking things. a set = 4 or 8 …. hopefully more in the near future !!

and as for the beer ? ask me after this coming weekend ….