the Iron Man series and two mistakes

I made a mistake last night, well two actually but one of them doesn’t count. That one was in a nlhe forum tourney, the Iron Man ref’d above. Since I’m the defending champion, I was a little pissed off to get rivered to say the least.

Basically I flopped two pairs or did I turn two pairs ? point is, all the money went in on the flop and turn and I was ahead …. the river paired the board and counterfeited my two pairs giving the villainous donkey a better two pair with her gawd damned Aces, fml !! and grrrr

my exit hand was not much better as my AK was up against AQ …. Q on the flop ffs , meh !

The mistake that counts cost me a buy-in at the 08 cash tables, a whopping 250 bb’s , doh !

with AK2K (sooted ace) in the bb I raised pre and got two callers ..

flop 784 rainbow, the sb checks and I pot for 27bb’s and one caller folds but the small blind cold calls …. hmmmm

turn 784..A.. doh ! sb checks and I pot for 66bb’s …. he flat calls behind …. oh fk (214bb in the middle …. )

river 784..A..5 …. the sb bets out 145bb’s (all-in) …. of course I call, of course he has the 23(2A) …. fml & doh !

of course he scoops a monster 489bb pot …. sometimes I’m such a donk 😦

oh quad goddesses of poker, please let me learn from my mistakes. awomen.


out with the old ….

last night was the 29th .. of Feb .. obv only comes round once every 4 years, so I thought it would be an appropriate date to have one last alcohol fuelled online grind free chip giveaway 🙂
play last night consisted of MTT’s on Stars .. HOSE, triple stud, NL08, 8-game, HORSE and PL08 .. although I did get donked once or twice, par for the course, but none the less annoying !
in the $1.10 PL08 I managed 67th of 640 runners and a min cash .. jammed AA35 into T7K3 (I look forward to your next DONKEY call, u twat “RayseNow”)
in the $2.20 HOSE I went with Q’s under (stud round) and of course ran into the obligatory A’s .. he quadded up by 7th, fml
whta else ? triple stud, got short, jammed A77 (razz lol) called by the big stack Q6T (????) who pulled a Q-low
and the $5.50 NL08 , got short, jammed, one caller .. lost that flip too
the $2.20 8-game was another razz exit .. A46 no goot against 246 , ho hum
eek the $3.30 HORSE .. boom .. razz exit, ugh with 482A on 4th, in went the money …. even with paired 5’s and 6’s the villain still manages to pull a 9-low .. me ? a K-low sacre bleu 😦

and finally, the $11 HORSE with 80 runners …. got involved with a lucksac bigstack in a hand which I probably should not have got involved in, especially against a lucksac lol in the stud round I went with a baby pair, lucksac hit her big pair on 5th, game over .. out in 9th for double my buy-in .. almost, but not quite.

overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the night and may the donkeys continue to make those donkey calls !