out with the old ….

last night was the 29th .. of Feb .. obv only comes round once every 4 years, so I thought it would be an appropriate date to have one last alcohol fuelled online grind free chip giveaway 🙂
play last night consisted of MTT’s on Stars .. HOSE, triple stud, NL08, 8-game, HORSE and PL08 .. although I did get donked once or twice, par for the course, but none the less annoying !
in the $1.10 PL08 I managed 67th of 640 runners and a min cash .. jammed AA35 into T7K3 (I look forward to your next DONKEY call, u twat “RayseNow”)
in the $2.20 HOSE I went with Q’s under (stud round) and of course ran into the obligatory A’s .. he quadded up by 7th, fml
whta else ? triple stud, got short, jammed A77 (razz lol) called by the big stack Q6T (????) who pulled a Q-low
and the $5.50 NL08 , got short, jammed, one caller .. lost that flip too
the $2.20 8-game was another razz exit .. A46 no goot against 246 , ho hum
eek the $3.30 HORSE .. boom .. razz exit, ugh with 482A on 4th, in went the money …. even with paired 5’s and 6’s the villain still manages to pull a 9-low .. me ? a K-low sacre bleu 😦

and finally, the $11 HORSE with 80 runners …. got involved with a lucksac bigstack in a hand which I probably should not have got involved in, especially against a lucksac lol in the stud round I went with a baby pair, lucksac hit her big pair on 5th, game over .. out in 9th for double my buy-in .. almost, but not quite.

overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the night and may the donkeys continue to make those donkey calls !


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