the Iron Man series and two mistakes

I made a mistake last night, well two actually but one of them doesn’t count. That one was in a nlhe forum tourney, the Iron Man ref’d above. Since I’m the defending champion, I was a little pissed off to get rivered to say the least.

Basically I flopped two pairs or did I turn two pairs ? point is, all the money went in on the flop and turn and I was ahead …. the river paired the board and counterfeited my two pairs giving the villainous donkey a better two pair with her gawd damned Aces, fml !! and grrrr

my exit hand was not much better as my AK was up against AQ …. Q on the flop ffs , meh !

The mistake that counts cost me a buy-in at the 08 cash tables, a whopping 250 bb’s , doh !

with AK2K (sooted ace) in the bb I raised pre and got two callers ..

flop 784 rainbow, the sb checks and I pot for 27bb’s and one caller folds but the small blind cold calls …. hmmmm

turn 784..A.. doh ! sb checks and I pot for 66bb’s …. he flat calls behind …. oh fk (214bb in the middle …. )

river 784..A..5 …. the sb bets out 145bb’s (all-in) …. of course I call, of course he has the 23(2A) …. fml & doh !

of course he scoops a monster 489bb pot …. sometimes I’m such a donk 😦

oh quad goddesses of poker, please let me learn from my mistakes. awomen.


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