iron man series still running; to much beer and too many mtt’s

Last nights ironman game was stud 8. Rather miffed to be the bubble boy but the points are good, watch out smurf, I’m coming after my title, lol.

So the past few months have been a beer blaze bankroll busting mtt joyride .. all good fun but ultimately unsatisfying, meh.

Returned to my spiritual green felt home on Monday, good ole 08 cash. Over 800 hands spread across 16 tables, not all at once, obv. Went surprisingly well, made about $10, not to shabby considering I have not played for months. Limits consisted of 2c tarbs, a few z00m tarbs and one 25c tarb. Big hands included ….

5TJQ in the bb (honest)

2236 …. AA59 …. AA28 …. A34Q …. A3KJ …. AKK4 …. AA64 …. A246 …. AA46 …. and so forth yada yada yada

and thats the beauty of multitabling, you can (should) be folding all the crap !

Last nights game was was stud 8 so I opened up a few cash tables of the same type. Made about $2 (lol) which is not bad considering I dont play cash stud 8.

And thats the plan .. play either cash or mtt’s or mix ’em up .. BUT .. only play one variant at a time. I’ll keep u posted …. (no honestly, I will )



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