Thought I’d post up some numbers for the first half of October. The numbers are entirely accurate for cash games but do not take into account several small field mtt’s I’ve had a go at. Nor do they take into account my disaster attempt at playing the fifty50’s. Think I dropped about $20 there right at the start of the month. The cash game stats look like this –

2c ($5 or 250bb buy-in)

10c ($10 or 100bb buy-in)

10c zOOm ($10 or 100bb buy-in)

25c ($25 or 100bb buy-in)

all levels

A good first half but as we know from the previous post, the remaining half of the month is going to be, err, more challenging !


A promise kept is ….

As much as it “hurts” here is the week three picture. A complete and utter disaster mostly of my own making. When the fish in me comes to the surface, I just cant help jumping straight out the barrel. šŸ˜¦

It’s not pretty at all. The worst is, of course, from about hand 2900 .. wtf ? I mean, seriously, wtf ?

don’t say ….

The bet I have on with another blogger is quite simple. If IĀ end theĀ month in profit, I win. If I don’t, I lose.

I’ll post the previous weeks results tomorrow, for now, this is how it went last night. Compared to week 3 this is an awesome start to the final week, lol.

I am currently up a few dollars this month and I could do with a few moreĀ sessions likes to seal the deal.

o.m.f.g. – I’m lazier than crumble

well the man has put me to shame. I’ll be back tomorrow with more detail on a fifty quid bet I have on with another poker blogger.

and as for the closing line on my last post ? I know, I’m usless and such a fucking liar. I should (obv) be shot.