working Friday nights

Anyone who knows me will realise I have developed a really, really bad habit. Quite simply, every time I play poker, I have a beer to hand. Tonight being Friday night you’d expect that to be no different. Except tonight I have no beer (sic) and thought I’d put a little “work” in at the tables. The shift consisted of six games of the 990-man hyper-turbos. I’m such a hard worker, lol. It was short because I’m way too tired, burning the candle at both ends thru the week takes it of me these days, sigh.

I min cashed one (16th) meaning I’m one buy-in down for my efforts. A bit of a failure, huh ? Not in the slightest, actually. I save way way more than that by not buying beer and an extra pack of cigarettes !! Result ! and no fucking hangover tomorrow -)

Exit hands

KJ on a 3K2 flop .. all-in on the flop, ran into a turned flush -(

couldn’t get AQ thru J7 .. all-in pre, ran into another fucking flush -(

QK fell to 44 .. all-in pre, villain rivers quads ! fuck -(

couldn’t get AJ to beat TJ .. all-in pre, gross -(

9T v 42 .. no really, all-in-pre, fucking flushed again, thats pretty sic -(

and finally, the one I cashed, money goes in pre-flop, playing for a top two stack .. you’ll never guess ..

AK v A7 whee  .. oh look, you rivered a flush sir, well played sir, nice hand sir -(

I’m laughing now as it is pretty funny (sic). Killed by four flushes and quads, lol. I was quite pleased that I just shrugged after each one and shut the table down, without typing a single comment. So I think I’ll type it here …. nh, gg & fu.

Its not, perhaps, particularly obvious but I quite enjoyed working tonight and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t miss my beer !!


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