once a fish ..

According to Sharkscope, I’m -£500 in mtt land. Thats staggering, as in, holy fuck, staggering. Now, since I have not used a penny of my own money to pay that loss .. I must have won it playing cash games. I really should take my head out my ass and just grind the fuck out of cash during March to see how much I can make or should that be “not lose”.

Roll on March.


idle hands

I’ve loaded a few homemade graphs from last nights session. I wonder if the PT graph will look much like these, though I suspect not. The homegrown ones don’t take into account any topping up that goes on.

chart 1

chart 2

This last one is from the short while I played $1/$2 …. (clear violation of bankroll management rules)

chart 3

I’ll fire up PT and load the “real” ones later.