Running Up That Hill

last session on ‘stars I decided to split in two. played some nl08b followed by some NLHE. actually in the black for both session. unheard of !

NL08b last session


NLHE last session



flipping rubbish !!

just 7 months this time !

z00ming along at Omaha-8 on ‘stars. not good, not good at all. cannot win a flip, very annoying. either all in pre-flop or all in on the flop .. same frustrating result.

eg villain flops the set, I have nut low and nut flush draw, villains hand holds

eg pre-flop all in holding AA24 double suited but villain binks flush holding AA57

I am well ahead on party, playing their fastforward NLHE. Pity and just as well for you lot, that I don’t actually enjoy playing 2-card-bingo !!


back soon ….