red mist

my “fascination” with z00m continues. apparently 100,00 hands is required to be in any way meaningful. z00m is an odd beast. I think because it plays so fast you need to be, counter intuitively, more patient. my patience, or lack of, caused an unusual bout of tilt play, costing me several unnecessary lost buy-ins. let me give you a few examples ….

shoved AKK5 …. under analysis, that’s a serious wtf ??

on the flop, shoved J35T, with a made straight …. villain rivered me for the higher straight and nut low, that’s a standard fuck.

it amazes me, the crap hands I get involved with whilst under the influence. the worst thing was knowing I was entering the dread zone but doing nothing about it. that’s a serious wtf ??

of course, this episode has put a serious dent in my bb/100 stats, which, quite frankly, horrify me. but I’m putting them up there as a constant reminder.

10,259 hands @ -4.64 bb/100



been playing some more. 4.5k hands in and running at just 2bb/100. I’ve heard this version of poker described as “swingy” and also “bingo fest”. I’m with the guy who called it the latter.

biggest winning had, oddly enough, KKQQ for a 300bb pot

more traditional winner, AT42 for 288bb

slightly dodgy A742 for 234bb

again, dodgy, AAT4 for 205bb

now, obviously, there must be some losing hands

AAQ2 lost a 301bb pot

AQ52 lost a 220bb pot

and a tricky 6532 lost a 206bb pot

and there is you thinking I only play A2xx hands. perhaps I should try that 🙂

I’ll be back when I find some more spare time, assuming I find more spare time to swing it up with the bingo callers ! Going by past posting history, you really don’t have to hold your breath.



online poker

Finally got back around to playing. Oddly, I quite enjoyed it. For a self confessed recreational beer player, this is quite odd. Playing without a beer to hand, I mean.

“biggest” winning hand was 2234 without showdown.

“biggest” winning hand was AQ43 with showdown.

“biggest” losing hand was A543 without showdown (folded on the river).

“biggest” losing hand was A653 with showdown.

winning hands were 8bb, the folded losing hand was 8bb and the losing showdown was 2bb.

overall, ran at +8bb/100, but microstakes blinds means microstakes pots !