been playing some more. 4.5k hands in and running at just 2bb/100. I’ve heard this version of poker described as “swingy” and also “bingo fest”. I’m with the guy who called it the latter.

biggest winning had, oddly enough, KKQQ for a 300bb pot

more traditional winner, AT42 for 288bb

slightly dodgy A742 for 234bb

again, dodgy, AAT4 for 205bb

now, obviously, there must be some losing hands

AAQ2 lost a 301bb pot

AQ52 lost a 220bb pot

and a tricky 6532 lost a 206bb pot

and there is you thinking I only play A2xx hands. perhaps I should try that 🙂

I’ll be back when I find some more spare time, assuming I find more spare time to swing it up with the bingo callers ! Going by past posting history, you really don’t have to hold your breath.




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