when you can’t win for love nor money

honestly, no wonder I drink beer whilst playing, lol.

imagine being a pro and having to put up with this shizzle day in day out

imagine being a pro and having to put up with this shizzle day in day out

yup, he hit  the straight.

Guess what ? I’m having a fucking beer tonight !


dreams and nightmares

More from the beer free anals. Some you win and some you lose.

When it becomes blatantly obvious you were not paying attention ....

When it becomes blatantly obvious you were not paying attention ….

Some plays still surprise me. I honestly expected the villain of the piece to have the same hand as me.

call me a woose but I would not commit my whole stack with the under-straight

call me a woose but I would not commit my whole stack with the under-straight

Regular installments to follow at regular intervals ūüôā


I’ve always wondered what would happen if I tried beer free poker. Dream no more.

not quite the start I dreamed

not quite the start I dreamed

So dream on or should that be grind on ?

Future installments will no doubt follow at regular intervals, lol.


o.m.f.g. how boring.

I’ve just read this blog from back to front. To save you the trouble, I’ll sum it up in one sentence. That’s right, 4 years in one sentence.

I won some money at cash tables but gave it all back playing mtt’s and now I’m going to whine about it online.

Sad to say it’s a pretty repetitive read.

To try to alleviate this, I’ve started to introduce some small lifestyle changes. Easily summed up as – less booze and take poker slightly more seriously than a 10-year-old. I started all this last Friday, for no other reason than that was the first of the month. Well, for no other reason than it seriously needs doing.

and whose idea was this ?

and whose idea was this ?

 So off I went on Friday night. It was kind of weird, playing on a weekend night with no beer. The session did not go spectacularly well. The best way I can describe it is like getting in your car, on the starting grid, and not being able to start the engine.

Still not sure this was a good idea.

Still not sure this was a good idea.




Saturday night was a little better. I did manage to get off the grid, so to speak, but picking up a puncture every few orbits was less than ideal.

6 cylinders firing .. but this is a v12 ....

6 cylinders firing .. but this is a v12 ….



Sunday night proved to be a whole lot better and I was pretty happy to be cruising along mid pack.Then again, at +21 bb/100 .. perhaps I was firing on more cylinders than I imagined ….




Monday night and Tuesday night both went well, racking up 1300 and 1200 hands-played sessions. Firing on all cylinders ? at +12 bb/100 and +17 bb/100 respectively. Although I managed some sort of reasonable volume through Mon & Tues, it really should be more. For whatever reason, at about 10.30 ish on both nights, my brain/body decided I was very tired. Within ten minutes of the tiredness descending .. I was tucked up in bed (probably) literally snoring like a pig.

stop whining, that's a good start

stop whining, that’s a good start

All in all, not a bad start to the new month for this recreational fish. Just have to try to keep the momentum going and most importantly, stick to my small lifestyle changes.

once a fish ..

According to Sharkscope, I’m -¬£500 in mtt land. Thats staggering, as in, holy fuck, staggering. Now, since I have not used a penny of my own money to pay that loss .. I must have won it playing cash games. I really should take my head out my ass and just grind the fuck out of cash during March to see how much I can make or should that be “not lose”.

Roll on March.

idle hands

I’ve loaded a few homemade graphs from last nights session. I wonder if the PT graph will look much like these, though I suspect not. The homegrown ones don’t take into account any topping up that goes on.

chart 1

chart 2

This last one is from the short while I played $1/$2 …. (clear violation of bankroll management rules)

chart 3

I’ll fire up PT and load the “real” ones later.

working Friday nights

Anyone who knows me will realise I have developed a really, really bad habit. Quite simply, every time I play poker, I have a beer to hand. Tonight being Friday night you’d expect that to be no different. Except tonight I have no beer (sic) and thought I’d put a little “work” in at the tables. The shift consisted of six games of the 990-man hyper-turbos. I’m such a hard worker, lol. It was short because I’m way too tired, burning the candle at both ends thru the week takes it of me these days, sigh.

I min cashed¬†one (16th) meaning I’m one buy-in down for my efforts. A bit of a failure, huh ? Not in the slightest, actually. I save way way more than¬†that by not buying beer and an extra pack of cigarettes !! Result !¬†and no fucking hangover tomorrow -)

Exit hands

KJ on a 3K2 flop .. all-in on the flop, ran into a turned flush -(

couldn’t get AQ thru J7 .. all-in pre, ran into another fucking flush -(

QK fell to 44 .. all-in pre, villain rivers quads ! fuck -(

couldn’t get AJ to beat TJ .. all-in pre, gross -(

9T v 42 .. no really, all-in-pre, fucking flushed again, thats pretty sic -(

and finally, the one I cashed, money goes in pre-flop, playing for a top two stack .. you’ll never guess ..

AK v A7 whee  .. oh look, you rivered a flush sir, well played sir, nice hand sir -(

I’m laughing now as it is pretty funny (sic). Killed by four flushes and quads, lol. I was quite pleased that I just shrugged after each one and shut the table down, without typing a single comment. So I think I’ll type it here …. nh, gg & fu.

Its not, perhaps, particularly obvious but I quite enjoyed working tonight and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t miss my beer !!